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After Divorce

Most people think that once a divorce is finalized and the divorce decree is issued by the court, the divorce is over and there is nothing more to be done. However, this view does not take into account the possibility of changes in the divorce decree, the ongoing relationships between divorced spouses and their children, changes in lifestyles and locations, and other issues.

It is important to be prepared to handle the various ongoing issues that continue after a divorce. Talk with an experienced lawyer who can help you through these issues. Attorney Jennifer M. Sullivan has more than 25 years of experience serving clients in post-judgment matters. Serving clients from the firm’s office in Roseville, California, Ms. Sullivan can help you understand your rights and make sure your rights are protected.


When significant changes in circumstances occur after a divorce, a modification might be in order. If one of the divorced spouses needs to relocate for a new job, or if other significant changes happen, they can petition the court for modification of child custody or support.

Attorney Jennifer M. Sullivan serves clients who are looking to petition the court for a modification or contest a spouse’s petition.

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