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Protecting Your Rights In Divorce Spousal Support Disputes

Spousal support can be a contentious issue in many divorces. Most divorcing individuals do not want to keep supporting someone from whom they are separated. On the other side of the argument, the other spouse wants to get adequate support after the divorce or separation is finalized. Regardless of which side of the argument you find yourself, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights throughout the legal process.

Talk with attorney Jennifer M. Sullivan. The Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan in Roseville, California, brings more than 25 years of legal experience in spousal support and other divorce-related matters.

What Is Spousal Support?

After a divorce, the law tries to make sure that both parties are able to continue existing with a similar standard of living to what they enjoyed during the marriage. In most cases, this means that one spouse will have to pay some measure of spousal support (often called “alimony”) to the other spouse to level the balance and allow both parties to live as closely as possible to their former way of life.

In most divorces or separations, there is the paying spouse and the receiving spouse. Ms. Sullivan has experience representing clients on both sides. Whether you will be the one required to pay spousal support for the one who will receive support, Ms. Sullivan will protect your rights and help you get the result you need.

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