The Help You Need
Through The Divorce Process

When A Relationship Ends

The end of a significant relationship — whether it is a marriage, domestic partnership or other type of relationship — can be a tremendous challenge for everyone involved. The partners, their children, other family members and friends are all impacted in different ways. When you enter into a divorce or other type of separation, it is helpful to work with an experienced lawyer who can advise you of your options, help you see the issues clearly through the emotional challenges and protect your rights throughout the legal process.

At the Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan in Roseville, California, you will find an attorney with more than 25 years of legal experience in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce and separations. She will help you make informed decisions to protect yourself, your family and your future.

Types Of Separation

Although it is the most common, divorce is not the only legal method for two partners to separate. Attorney Jennifer M. Sullivan serves clients in legal matters that include:

  • Divorce: The firm works with clients to help through the divorce process, including uncontested divorces, with an emphasis on resolving the disputes issues with a minimal amount of stress and contention.
  • Dissolution of marriage or domestic partnerships: Ms. Sullivan can help you with this type of dissolution.
  • Legal separation: When two parties need to separate, there is still a need to distribute assets and debts, to make sure children are cared for and to handle other related issues.
  • Annulment: Distinct from a divorce, an annulment is a way of saying that your marriage never existed legally.

Related Issues

Every divorce or separation brings with it numerous related issues. At the very beginning of many divorces, it is important to have temporary orders established as soon as possible to make sure the financial and living situations are secured properly for everyone involved.

For many separating couples with children, paternity can be an important issue, since establishing paternity will have an important impact on issues like child custody and child support.

There are numerous financial issues that arise during most divorces, as well. The firm handles division of assets, helps clients who need to establish Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ( QDROs) and works with clients through the process of establishing spousal support.

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