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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation allows divorcing spouses to take control over the process and avoid the turmoil and financial expense of court litigation and the unpredictability of the court’s ultimate decision. Jennifer Sullivan strives to empower and assist her divorce mediation clients to amicably resolve their disputes with respect. Many couples worry about the substantial costs of pursuing a divorce through litigation. With many litigated divorces taking nearly a year to resolve, the emotional and financial burden can quickly wear on both parties. By working outside the courts in a structured, amicable setting, mediation often provides a better alternative.

As a neutral, mediating attorney, Ms. Sullivan meets with both spouses in as many (or few) confidential mediation sessions as necessary to resolve the dispute. In this type of setting, all topics can be discussed. Instead of allowing a judge to determine the terms of divorce, a couple can work things out for themselves with the help of the impartial divorce mediator. Ranging from drafting parenting time agreements to child support and property division, both parties can share ideas to reach a mutually acceptable solution to all issues of their divorce. Ms. Sullivan provides neutral mediating advice to both parties in mediation sessions and fosters an environment in which the parties jointly explore creative options to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. Once an agreement is reached, Ms. Sullivan will draft the written terms, facilitate the signing meeting and handle filing the judgment documents with the court. Not only does mediation give power back to both parties, it also moves more quickly, costs significantly less than litigation, and spares everyone involved the stress and frustration of going to court.

We Will Guide You Through the Entire Mediation Process

As a mediation attorney Jennifer Sullivan has decades of experience handling all matters of divorce and family law. Furthermore, she has engaged in mediation training to ensure she is current on the best methods of dispute resolution. Ms. Sullivan invites you to discover the difference and learn how she can help you effectively resolve your family law issue.

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If you are interested in speaking to Ms. Sullivan about mediation, please call our Roseville office at 916-724-1722 or send us an email to schedule your consultation today.