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Getting Your Marriage Annulled

Rather than seeking a divorce, many couples will choose to have the marriage annulled. An annulment is a legal way of saying that the marriage never existed. Depending on the circumstances of your marriage, you might qualify for an annulment. Contact a knowledgeable Roseville annulment attorney at your earliest convenience.

Ms. Sullivan of the Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan has extensive experience guiding clients through even the most complex family law matters. Because an annulment essentially erases a marriage, these actions tend to require more attention to detail and legal knowledge. Clients trust Ms. Sullivan for thorough preparation and her ability to answer complex questions in a clear, concise manner. If you have concerns regarding annulment, schedule a confidential consultation at the firm today.

Placer County Marriage Annulment Attorney

Whether your question centers on a void marriage – a marriage that can never be recognized as legal in California – or a voidable marriage – a legal marriage that can be deemed null by the courts – it is crucial to work with a knowledgeable lawyer. There are numerous valid reasons for annulment, including:

  • Bigamy or prior existing marriage
  • Marriage to a relative (incest)
  • Underage spouse
  • Coercion
  • Fraud
  • Mental or physical incapacity

In California, the length of time of the marriage has no bearing on the nullity action. Whether your marriage lasted five days or five years, it might be possible to have your marriage annulled.

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