The Help You Need
Through The Divorce Process

Caring And Compassionate Counsel In Child Custody Matters

Whether you are considering filing for divorce or your divorce is already final, if there are minor children involved, disagreements can occur. While you want what is best for your children, you also want to play an integral role in their lives as they grow. An experienced and compassionate lawyer can help you deal with the emotions involved in these types of disputes and put custody arrangements in place that are in the best interests of your children while protecting your rights as a parent.

From offices in Roseville, California, Jennifer Sullivan brings more than 25 years of family law experience to clients throughout the Sacramento area who are involved in a child custody dispute. Ms. Sullivan focuses her efforts on resolving your legal issues and minimizing the emotional issues that may affect your decisions. She encourages clients to resolve legal issues without the intervention of the courts but will take your concerns to court if necessary to protect your interests.

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The Child Custody Practice At The Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan

In California, when custodial and noncustodial parents cannot agree, the parties must attempt to resolve their differences through mediation. Once the mediation is complete, the parties can accept the recommendation of the mediator or obtain a temporary order from the court while a final ruling is pending.

Ms. Sullivan handles all matters related to the determination of child custody, filing the initial motion with the court, working with you to put together an agreement on custody (if possible), helping you prepare for mediation, representing your interest in court, or helping you seek enforcement or modification of an existing order.

In all child custody matters, Jennifer Sullivan emphasizes communication, encouraging clients to have open dialog with the other parent to discuss the needs of the children and how to best meet those needs. She works closely with clients to identify effective solutions regarding physical custody (where the child resides) as well as legal custody (how important decisions about the child’s welfare are made).

To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced and compassionate lawyer, contact or call the Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan. Ms. Sullivan is available to meet with clients Monday through Thursday.