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Temporary Orders In Divorce

It is not uncommon for the parties in a divorce to suffer some sort of imbalance in income or property ownership. In order to ensure that both parties can proceed through the divorce without facing financial peril, contact an experienced attorney for legal advice and guidance.

When a divorce action begins, people might need an order from the court to stabilize their finances. This is a temporary order that can be changed or modified prior to the final order. Temporary orders can center on custody, spousal support, attorney fees, child support or property orders. The property orders can detail issues such as exclusive use of residence or listing of the property for sale.

Experienced Lawyer Helping You With Temporary Orders

As an experienced California family law attorney, Jennifer M. Sullivan has more than 25 years of experience guiding clients through challenging divorce actions. Based on your current financial or child care circumstances, she can help you understand your legal rights and options regarding temporary orders. These temporary orders can be reached by the agreement of both parties or by going to court and getting a judge’s order. To discuss your situation in greater detail, do not hesitate to contact the Law and Mediation Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan.

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