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In today's challenging economy, it is not uncommon for parents to look outside their current location for job opportunities. Often, those new opportunities require a relocation to another city, county or state. When this happens, it is wise to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Ideally, parents would remain in the same area in the years following a divorce. The reality is that people need to move for a variety of reasons. Many parents will verbally work out the details and gain agreement regarding a move. Unfortunately, if an argument arises weeks, months or years later there is no legal agreement documenting the terms of the modification. Contact a Roseville parental relocation attorney at the Law Office of Jennifer M. Sullivan.

Placer County Parenting Plan Attorney

Ms. Sullivan understands that parents will first attempt to resolve the issue themselves. These verbal agreements are good because they can be achieved quickly. It is always wise, however, to follow the proper legal process to ensure that the agreement is legally binding. Often, a skilled California attorney can anticipate problems or obstacles and work verbiage into the modification that avoids these difficulties.

Whether you are considering a relocation, change in custody or a change in your support arrangement, it is crucial that you consult with a skilled post-divorce modifications attorney.

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